Bivouac; nature and you

Bivouac - probably the most beautiful and authentic way to experience nature! On a bivouac trip - whether trekking, biking or in winter - you create the maximum comfort with minimal resources. Through years of experience you will find here exactly the right information to dive into this adventure carefree. An experience which will remain forever in your positive memory.

Trekking bivouac

A bivouac tour on foot brings you back to your roots. Be one with nature and enjoy wonderful hours outdoors. An experience you don't want to miss on your life's journey!

MTB bivouac (Bikepacking)

Bikepacking for trail lovers - that's MTB bivouac! Experience the most spectacular single trails and downhill routes and spend the night where the stars know no bounds!

Winter bivouac

The winter bivouac is probably the extra class. A wonderful experience that always remains in positive memory. A warming fire, snow as the master builder and you as the conductor - treat yourself to the ultimate adventure!

Bivouac equipment

With the right equipment your bivouac adventure will be a success! Less is more - this is and remains one of the most important principles for your bivouac trip. Urs has tried different combinations of outdoor materials. Due to the versatile bivouac trips he undertakes, he has found the optimal compromise for him and the mix of MTB bivouac (bikepacking), trekking bivouac and winter bivouac - in each case put together slightly differently. One of the most important findings is certainly that quality and functionality justify the higher price; lightness, small pack size and comfort are not mutually exclusive.

Your bivouac adventure is waiting for you

Don't hesitate to tackle your bivouac adventure. Urs will be happy to support you - be it with information or a concrete offer in which he will accompany you as a guide and coach.